Practical help to kidney patients in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

 c/o The Renal Unit, Lister Hospital, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 4AB

Registered Charity no 1008961  

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An Introduction to your local Patient Group

The Lister Area Kidney Patients Association (LAKPA) is a small local charity founded in 1992 by a group of renal patients and carers. The original concept was to provide “relief for persons suffering from kidney disease and in particular patients from Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire receiving treatment at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage and the associated units at St Albans City and Luton and Dunstable Hospitals.”  We support patients from Luton to Hertford and Bedford to Potters Bar. The group aims to provide services or items that will improve the welfare of renal patients and projects are targeted accordingly. LAKPA has a committee which is made up of both patients and carers and are supported by doctors and nursing staff at all three hospitals.

Until 2015 the charity was known as the Lister Kidney Foundation (LKF).

In previous years the LAKPA has raised money to provide equipment for the dialysis units and renal ward that the hospital was unable to provide. We have provided items which can make a considerable difference for patients on dialysis eight hours a week or more and to families suddenly having to cope with a relative who has kidney failure. LAKPA has also entered into projects that directly benefit a patient or group of patients. Some of the donations made include:

n     26 televisions and supporting communications equipment to the new dialysis unit at the Lister Hospital

n     16 televisions and supporting communications equipment to the satellite dialysis unit at St Albans City Hospital

n     Support for the TVs at the Luton & Dunstable unit, which are leased by the L & D Hospital Trust

n     A laptop computer at Luton & Dunstable for calibrating patients’ blood recirculation problems

n     Wheelchairs for the three units

n     Information leaflets for patients at all sorts of clinics

n     Money towards our social fund to help patients in need (through the renal social worker)

n     The cost of Christmas decorations etc in the five units

n     Ongoing expenditure on the fish tank at the Lister reception

n     A patients notes trolley for the renal ward at the Lister Hospital

n     Chairs for the waiting room, on the renal ward, at the Lister Hospital

n     A substantial sum for the Lee Haynes Renal Research Unit which was established by Dr Paul Warwicker


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We help with costs for research projects that may benefit not only patients in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire but throughout the country. 

Our charity also takes part in hospital forums, provides information for our members, along with social events and day trips.

n     We organise subsidised theatre trips, outings to race meetings, discos etc

n     We provide a regular local newsletter

n     We participate in User groups

n     We Maintain equipment - Equipment already purchased is subject to considerable use by patients and therefore requires maintenance.

Kidney failure is a chronic disease and affects all types of people.  Life on dialysis can be very restrictive and quality of life for a patient really depends on the support more able-bodied people can give. Lakpa aims to provide that support with the help of more active members, carers, staff, transplant patients and others willing to give time or money in a worthwhile cause. By carrying out  projects like those above we will  improve the lot of all patients suffering from kidney disease in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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